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US$30 per year, You will have another one year registration from the existing expiry date.

    Limited Time Speical Offer
    Domains valid for less one year before Expiry only required to pay fee US$30 to have free transfer and extend one year registration from the existing expiry date.
You get advantages of having 100% control privileges and almost
free integrated DNS Services as long as you hold the domain.
  • 100% Control of your domain, you are able to make any changes on your domain online, includes to transfer ownership of your domain; to change or update Administrative, Technical, or Billing Contacts; and to change DNS information. Click to learn more.
  • Free DNS Servers support your domain registration.
  • 1 professional "Under Construction" page.
  • Unlimited alias email forwarding. As such, you've got your own Email address (E.g. in the lifetime.
  • free Web Forwarding.
  • free IP Number Redirection.
  • free Domain pointers to point multiple domains to your main Web Site.
  • valuable Domain Symbol Links service.
  • valuable Very own POP3 mailbox in your lifetime.


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