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    Can I transfer domains already registered with another registrar (i.e. Network Solutions) to

    Yes. However, there are some caveats. We cannot do transfers for domains that are "On Hold" with another registrar. To be on the safe side, you should start the transfer process at least two weeks before the expiry of the domain. The Admin Contact e-mail address for the domain must be valid.

    In fact, you can transfer your domain to us at any time, after 60 days of your domain has been registered with other registrars.

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    How do I do to place a transfer order?

    Please check out here to initial your domain transfer.

    Once the transfer order is processed, an e-mail will be sent to the Admin Contact e-mail address of the domain to be transferred.

    Before you attempt to transfer a domain, make sure that the Admin Contact e-mail for the domain to be transferred is valid. If your Admin Contact e-mail address for the domain in question is no longer valid, you must contact the original registrar to request it be changed. We can't assist you in transferring the domain until the Admin Contact e-mail actually works, so we can verify who is accepting the transfer.

    The confirmation e-mail contains a unique URL, please click or cut and paste it to go the web page, to confirm your domain transfer.

    Then the request is sent to the Registry where it awaits approval. Unless the losing Registrar explicitly denies the transfer (for instance, the account may not be "in good standing" with them), it will usually go through this step within 5 days. It can go through sooner if the losing registrar explicitly approves the transfer. Your mileage may vary from registrar to registrar.

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    How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?

    You are only required to pay registration fee US$30 a year per domain with This one year is added on top of whatever time is remaining on the domain from the other registrar. E.g., if you registered with Network Solutions, and it has 2 years remaining on the registration, then after a successful transfer it will expire in 3 years.

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    How is contact information set in a domain transfer?

    You can set the new Administrative and Billing contacts or keep the existing ones in the transfer form.

    The Technical contact and nameserver entries will be the same as the present whois information for the domain. You are able to make changes on them after a successful transfer. When you work with, you have fully control of your domain.

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    Can transferring a domain to cause any downtime?

    No. Changing the registrar entry for your domain on the root servers is immediate, and is not much different than, say, changing contact information or nameserver entries. Nameserver entries are the only thing really critical to your domain pointing where it should. When you transfer a domain to us, the nameserver entries remain what they were with the old registrar.

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    What factors could prevent or delay a domain transfer?

    Do you own the domain, or have you made arrangements with the owner to approve the transfer? Is the Admin contact e-mail address valid for the domain you wish to transfer? Has the domain been registered by the other registrar for longer than 60 days (there is a mandatory waiting period for potential domain disputes)? Is the account the original registrar "in good standing" (paid in full)? Was the domain registered for at least 60 days with the last registrar?

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