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    DNS servers support domain registration
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    Multiple lifelong POP3 email boxes.

    C O N T E N T S

    Registration Agreement
    You must agree with our Service Agreement when you register your domain.


    Domain Dispute
    See ICANN Domain Registration Dispute Resolution Policy.



    • Technical support --
      Be sure to give a precise explanation of the problem, ideally with error messages. Be sure to include your domain name. This will allow us to be better prepared to assist your efforts.
    • Registration Service --
    • Billing --
    • Suggestions --
    • Administration --
      If you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, please feel free to contact the administration dept.


    FAQs: Register Your Domain Name With

    1. What is a domain name?
    2. What's involved in getting my domain name?
    3. Once I have a domain name, how can I make changes to it?
    4. What's the difference between an registered domain name and a Network Solutions (NSI)registered domain name?
    5. Registry? Registrar? Registrant? What do these words mean?
    6. I forgot my login name and password.
    7. How much control do domain owners have over their domain once they've signed up through's Registration Service
    8. I heard the "WHOIS" at Internic is not in real time. How is this different from the WHOIS function at
    9. What's the difference between .com, .net, .org domain names?
    10. Does register in any other top level domains (.ca, .us, .co, .uk, etc.)?
    11. My newly registered domains did not show up on whois server, does that mean someone still can register my domain through other registrars?
    12. Can you explain What the Registrant Contact is?
    13. Can you explain What the Adminstrative Contact is?
    14. Can you explain What the Technical Contact is?
    15. Can you explain What the Billing Contact is?
    16. Oops! I just accidentally registered a domain in error. What do I do now?
    17. How do I define a nameserver that's based on a domain I registered with (i.e. and
    18. What is "lame delegation" and why is it a bad thing?
    19. Do I receive an email confirmation after I register my domain name?
    20. Do I find my web page after 24 hours of registered my domain?
    21. I registered my domain name, now what?
    22. Who can register?
    23. Why should people register domain name(s)?
    24. What if my desired name is the same as a trademarked name?
    25. How can I protect my domain name against potential trademark disputes?
    26. Once I have a domain name secured, how long will I own the domain for?

    FAQs: Transfer Your Domain Name To

    1. Can I transfer domains already registered with another registrar (i.e. Network Solutions) to
    2. How do I do to place a transfer order?
    3. How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?
    4. How is contact information set in a domain transfer?
    5. Can transferring a domain to cause any downtime?
    6. What factors could prevent or delay a domain transfer?
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